FreeWing shares the stoke of Kite, SUP and Windsurf into a single flying experience. Working with the design team from both Airush and Starboard, FreeWings fuse the innovation and ideology of the different sports into groundbreaking designs with refined performance.

Perfect for downwinders with strong winds and freestyle, winging is here to stay, we've been testing the new Airush Freewing Air on the last couple of days and we were amazed by how much fun it is! Ideally you should ride it with a 1300 or 1600 foil and a board that you can almost float on, if you're a beginner.

Check out our Freewing/ Wing Start guide:

Wing-foil is a new concept of sport which consists of going on a foil board with an inflatable wing.


Get started. 

The best way to start, if you never tried any foil sports, is to start on a stand up paddle board (SUP), because it will give you more stability at first.

If you have tried some foil sports then you can start directly with the foil, but we recommend you start strapless.


How to use the wing.

The wing has many handles to grab on. To move it around (walking) when it's inflated you have to take the leading edge’s handle with one hand.

Once you get on the board on your knees and for less power, you should grab it by the leading edge’s handle or the first one with your front hand to get going. If you want to have more power you will take the 2nd handle with your front hand and the 4th or 5th handle with your back hand.

How to start winging.

The first step is to get on your knees on the board, like this you will have way more stability, after you have to take the wing by the second handle and the 4th one as we said before, and then we should be starting to move on the water. Then when we learned this we can start to try to stand up on the board. As we are moving and finding our balance with both knees on the board, we will raise our front knee and stand with it on the front pad, and as we keep moving we will do the same with the back wing.

Now we should be standing on the freewing board, but the foil will still not lift the board out of the water. As we are getting more speed, the foil will start lifting the board from the water, and with our legs semi straight, we will balance our weight, slightly to the front to prevent the foil from getting out of the water. If we don’t get enough speed to get the board out of the water, we can pull the freewing with both of our hands several times to create more speed (pump).

Another way to create more lift is to move the back foot close to the end of the board and then the foil will be facing up, that way we can pump with our feet by putting pressure on the back feet and bending our knees as if we were gonna jump . The best thing is to start with a surf foil (1600 cm2 front wing approximately) because it will give you way more lift and stability.



The wings have sizes like the kites and the windsurf sails, depending on the winds. if there’s more wind you will use a smaller size and if less wind you will use a bigger size. In airush we have 7  wing sizes. 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m.



For start the best thing its begin with a bigger board and with quite a lot liters, at least about 100-120 litres, like this you’ll have way more flotation which is good in the beginning, after you will be using for sure a board with less liters and this will be way more fun because you can put straps on it and you’ll be able to start to jump.