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Prolimit Flare Steamer Backzip 5/3

€249.00 EUR
36/S Black/Dust

We have run out of stock for this item.

The windchill optimized chest and back panels with Zodiac fleece lining keep you warm in the areas that need to stay warm. The suit has a vertical back zip with leash for easy access.

This suit has triple glued and blind stitched seams, which means that the seams are watertight. The neoprene of the suit is 5mm thick, whilst keeping its flex.







Airflex 500+ and 350+ limestone neoprene


 Vertical Back Zip


Glued Blind Stitched


Zodiac 2 Lining


  • GBS (triple glued and blind-stitched): Our perfect finish makes our glued and blind stitched wetsuit indestructible. Precise seam and material placement for a tailored fit. Designed to fit your body without over-stretching the neoprene, which prevents stretched out thin neoprene and loss of thermal insulation.
  • Airflex 500+ and 350+ limestone neoprene: Airflex neoprene is made out of limestone neoprene and by changing the formula of the foaming agents we can determine the stretch in our raw material.
  • YKK Vertical Back zip
  • Water block collar
  • Zodiac2plush inside lining: It absorbs the water from the skin, releases quickly and increases comfort.
  • KED: Knee Elongation Design, freedom of movement
  • Q-Lining, Quantum Stretch
  • Velvet Airflex Lining: Softer than ever before, more stretch, comfortable feel and quickdry
  • Aqua Alpha Waterbased Glue: Unlike the traditional glue, the water based glue is solvent free and without chemicals (it removes 99% of the impurities). This avoids latex allergies.