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2018 Ride Engine WMS Almar Shorty Long Sleeve Bikini Front Zip

€159.00 EUR

The Almar 2/1 bikini shorty is a wetsuit you can wear all day long, 65° - 75° F (18° - 23° C). Whether you need a little extra warmth for marathon sessions, protection from the sun, sand and wind or extra buoyancy and impact protection, this is a suit you can put on before your session and forget about the rest of the day. Offered in standard cut back zip and bikini cut front zip, this long sleeve suit is light, flexible and incredibly comfortable. Regardless of the temperature, for anyone who spends long days playing in the elements, this is a vital piece of equipment.  

2018 Ride Engine WMS Almar Shorty Long Sleeve Bikini Front Zip Wetsuit Highlights: 
• Protects you from the sun, sand, wind and elements 
 • Light, comfortable, flexible suit, superior fit and less restriction 
• Easy entry/exit, comfortable female fit 
• Feel good, perform great with SmartStretch limestone neoprene 
• Don’t be held back; express yourself fully with increased range of motion thanks to strategic stitching layout 
• Our suits match your values: No petroleum, no toxic hydrophobic coatings, no regrets