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AK Fin Thrasher Hex Core Thruster

€119.00 EUR

We have run out of stock for this item.

The combination of the larger outer fins and smaller centre fin give the rider a loose feeling under foot at slower speeds, while helping to generate speed and maintain grip as you pick up the pace.

Front Fins:  Height: 4.78″  |  Base: 4.59″  |  7° cant  |  Flat Foil
Center Fin:  Height: 4.22″  |  Base: 4.03″

Ideal Board & Conditions:
Shorter, wider, wave boards in small to medium sized waves, as well as strapless riding.

Flex Rating:
More flex for added pop in smaller conditions.

Medium: 65kg – 80kg / 145 – 175 Lbs

Compatible with Futures. fin boxes.


Learn more about the features below:


The Hex-Core reduces weight and works in conjunction with the engineered flex.


AK uses Entropy Plant-based Bioresin to replace the normally harmful resins that are used in making fins.