Airush Amp V3 Carbon 2020

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Airush Amp V3 Carbon

  • All-around surf shape.
  • Fast rocker with maneuver oriented outline.
  • Durable & flexible construction.

The AMP is our legendary all-around surf shape that combines a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline for optimal drive and maneuverability. The fuller nose aids the low wind performance, whilst the single to double concave absorbs chop effortlessly. The AMP sets a new performance standard in smaller wave and strapless riding.

Available in Reflex Bamboo, the sandwich top layer creates a responsive feel, whilst the UD Flax rail offers great durability and impact resistance.

Available in Reflex Carbon Innegra, the lightest in construction innovation without compromising durability.

5’4” (163cm)               19” (48.3cm)              2.3” (5.8cm)               25.4L
5’6” (168cm)               19.5” (49.5cm)           2.4” (6.1cm)               28L
5’8” (173cm)               20” (50.8cm)              2.5” (6.35cm)            31L

Ride the AMP 2” shorter than the Comp.
Ride the AMP 2” longer than the Mini Monster.

Reflex Carbon Innegra

Carbon Innegra top deck & biaxial carbon bottom.
Tough sandwich layer top deck & bottom. 
Unpainted rail for increased durability.

The lightest performance construction on the market with increased flex and response. Our flyweight core utilizes a unique molding process to create an extremely light center with a dense outer skin. This is then sandwiched with durable Carbon Innegra. 


1: Curve in the hip and tail area for maximum snap off the top.
2: Low tail rocker for speed.
3: Wide center for early planing.
4: Wide point relatively far forward for control at speed.
5: Reduced length to assist maneuverability. 
6: Full nose with a large amount of curve for planing and maneuverability.
7: Flat nose rocker for early planing.
8: Tail - 1.5mm Single concave, blending to 1mm Panel V.
9: Mid - 1.8mm Inverted Spiral V.
10: Nose - 1.4mm Spiral V.
11: High apex rail.