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Airush AP Bar V5

€519.00 EUR €649.00 EUR

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Airush AP Bar V5 2020/21 - Freestyle (5 lines)

  • High performance freestyle control system. 
  • Freestyle specific Pull-Pull trim strap.
  • Heavy duty 1.9mm front & rear lines.

Designed for effortless unhooked maneuvers, and featuring a 19mm diameter bar, shorter bar throw, and the freestyle trim strap, the AP bar allows you to maintain a solid grip through powerful moves and landings. Heavy duty 400kg tested lines and extensions have been installed to make this bar extremely durable. 

Compatible with all 5 line kites including the Airush Razor.
Longer length freestyle leash. 
Medium & large harness loop. 

41cm – 51 Adjustable.
5 Line Bar. 

22m total = 1m leader lines + 19m lower Lines + 2m upper lines.