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Prolimit Flare FZ 4/3 Zodiac.

€199.00 EUR €239.00 EUR

We have run out of stock for this item.

Our Flare freezip steamer is made of airflex 500+ limestone neoprene with triple glued and blind-stitched seams. Zodiac2 Quick Dry lining with thermal properties keeping you warm in the key vital areas. Taking the most of your body, prevent any windchill. A high quality wetsuit to attack any condition. Full Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene. A high quality freezip wetsuit to attack any condition.

  • Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene, down airflex
  • Zodiac2plush inside lining
  • YKK V-Backzip
  • Waterblock collar
  • KED, Knee Elongation Design, freedom of movement
  • NEW velvet fleece lining