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Prolimit Mercury TR 5/3 Free-X Frontzip 2022 Wetsuit

€349.00 EUR
51/MT Black/Blue

Ideal wetsuit for all seasons

The Prolimit Mercury TR 5/3 free x 2022 wetsuit is ideal for autumn and winter. The wetsuit has 5mm neoprene around the body because it needs to be heated the most. The arms and legs have 3mm neoprene to give you the necessary comfort and freedom of movement. The wetsuit is made of limestone neoprene. Limestone neoprene has thermal insulation and is also very effective, comfortable and durable.

The inner lining of the Prolimit Mercury TR free x 2022 wetsuit is made of the so-called Zodiac plush. Zodiac plush ensures that your wetsuit is dry as quickly as possible, so that your wetsuit is dry at your next session. The inner lining features Thermal Reboud technology. TR is an extra layer between the neoprene and zodiac which has the property to reflect body temperature and to block the feeling of temperature.

The knees are protected by reinforced material, so that wear is limited. The Mercury TR free x has a front zip, which makes the wetsuit much more flexible and prevents water from entering. If a little water does get in, the holes at the ankles ensure that the water quickly leaves the wetsuit. The seams are triple glued and sealed with a liquid rubber seal, allowing the seams to be durable, waterproof and optimally stretchable.


  • Prolimit Mercury TR 2022 Wetsuit
  • 5/3mm
  • Front zip
  • Thermal Rebound inner liner
  • FTM taped seams
  • Neolight Duotone 550+ Limestone Neoprene
  • Free-X Zip
  • Zodiac plush inner lining
  • Aqua Flow Quick Dry inner liner
  • Without Velcro ankle straps
  • Note: every Tie Dy wetsuit is cut from an unique piece of neoprene so every tie dy wetsuit has its own unique tie dy