Surf Leash Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE PRO 6

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The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with custom materials for a ‘no leash feel’. The SUPERLITE leash fuses reliable Creatures of Leisure components with the latest technical innovation and materials.
Regular Leash for medium sized waves and all-around conditions. The 7mm cord Pro leash is perfect as a go-to leash ready to tackle a broad range of conditions. If you are a one leash guy – This 6ft leash will have you covered.
Leash Length: 6’ x 1.8m
Cord Thickness: 9/32” x 7mm
Cuff Width: 1.5” x 38mm
Railsaver Width: 1” x 25mm
Creatures TPU Cord
DNA Flex Mould
Elliptical Horn
Surefire Leash Release
WT1 Welded Mesh
Non-Slip Cuff
Moulded Velcro