Used 2013 Munity Kites S-Series 6m

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  • €200.00

Really good conditions, it has been used only a few. It´s an old model and a not too known brand, that´s why we sell it cheap.

The S-Series 2G kites are superb wave riding machines. These kites are very stable; offer superb drift capabilities and slack line control and virtually come to life in the waves. And the great thing about these kites is that they adapt to your riding style and skill. They are perfect for avid wave riders who throw cool tricks, as well as for those who want to progress or just enjoy a nice cruise in the surf. The S-Series kite provides anyone with accessible performance.

With the new Mutiny S-Series you can charge the waves or enjoy a comfortable surf drive whenever you want. It is a reliable and efficient wave machine. It features a low to medium aspect ratio and, combined with a slight wing sweep and rounded tips. This profile makes it fast to turn, very stable and very easy to relaunch.

The kite’s aerofoil is optimized to be fast and stable, but not very aggressive, so any rider can enjoy a cool wave session. A clean two strut design makes the kite very light, but also very stable and responsive. It makes the canopy crisp and improves relaunch. Thanks to the larger wing tips, the kite turns fast and it’s reactive when turning. The kite is crisp and fast in turns. The swept wingtip planform also allows you relaunch the kite without hassle in almost any wind conditions.

A no pulley bridle, combined with a simple four line system, produces incredibly smooth depower and light bar pressure. It also assures a clean and direct control. Direct rear line connection gives great bar feedback so you can feel where the kite is at all times. The aerodynamic canopy shape minimizes drag and provides good acceleration and precise handling.