Used 2018 Airush Comp Reflex Carbon Innegra 5´8''

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Used board in very good conditions. With no pads and no fins.

5'8" x 18.25 x 2.25" / 24 litros

In our quest to develop the lightest performance surfboard on the market with increased flex and response, Airush introduces the Reflex Carbon Innegra construction. The first key ingredient is our flyweight core where the unique molding process creates an extremely light core, less than half the weight of a traditional surf core, but with a dense outer skin created through a specific molded core for each board size.

The second key ingredient is our tough Corecell sandwich layer on the top and bottom skin. This unique material keeps the top and bottom deck from buckling while preserving the flex characteristics. We also don’t sandwich the rail, which enhances the flex further.

The final outer skin comprises of a Biaxial Carbon fiber bottom deck and a unique Biaxial Carbon Innegra top deck. This fanatical use of biaxial fibers results in an extremely high performance skin that enables the board to flex significantly while still being extremely durable and responsive.

The Reflex Carbon Innegra is ultimately the lightest construction available, with the incredible durability and response of the advanced composite sandwich layer. The Reflex Carbon shapes do not have footstrap inserts. If you use the new AK stick on straps,