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Kitesurf Kites

Kitesurf Kites & Kite Bars  - Alex Pastor Kite Club - Airush Kite Shop Tarifa


Airush Ultra V5
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Airush One v2
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Airush Ultra V4
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Airush Ultra Team
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Alex Pastor Kite Club - Airush Destination Store and Kiteschool Kites Airush One Progression
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Airush One Progression 4m
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Airush Ultra Bar V3
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Airush Session V2
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Airush Session Team V2
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Airush kitesurf kites

In Airush we have some different kind of kites for every discipline. Airush only has inflatable kites. This means that you have to pump your kite to get the shape of your kite and thanks to this if you crash your kite it will keep floating on the water. There are some different kinds of kites like C-kites, bow kites or delta kites. Now we will explain to you all the things about them.


  • C- Kites:

 In Airush we have the Airush Razor, these kinds of kites are fully made for freestyle and they are called C kites because of their shape because they look like a C when you are flying them. They have less de-power than a Bow or a delta kite because they don’t have bridles. C- kites are made for freestyle because when you want to go unhooked the kite gives you more slack than other kinds of kites. Also, the kite gets more out of the wind window when you go for unhooked tricks and pulls way less than a Hybrid kite. Also, can work for kiteloops but it’s not the best option, you get less high, but the loop is more aggressive. Some big air riders use c-kites when the wind is super strong.


  • Hybrid kites:

In Airush we have the Airush union, this kind of kites are in between bow kites and C kites. These kites normally have bridles but they still have a C-kite shape. The disadvantage of the c kite is when you have to relaunch it or depower. Also, you have some advantages like pop and direct feeling. So, a hybrid kite gives you the best from a c kite or a bow kite. The kites like the union are made for kiteloops, in kiteloops is so similar to a C kite but you get way higher and power. If you want to do freestyle and big air and you only want one kite this is your best choice.


  • Bow kites: 

The bow kites are kites with bridles on the front of the kite. The bridles have some functions. One of the things that the bridles do is support the kite on the sky also the kite gets more aspect ratio and a flat arc. Bow kites also get more wind because they are flat and it gives you more power. These kites are the best for beginners, because when you release the bar the kite loses 80% of the power and they are the easiest kites to relaunch.


  • Delta kites:

This kite has a lot of common things with the hybrid kites but is like more allround. This kind of kite gives you more power than a C-kite. This kite is the best option for freeriders who want to do anything with their kite. This kite gives you the best of all the types of kites.  


  • Foil kites:

These kites normally are made for light wind. These kites fill themselves with air thanks to the wind blowing in it. Foil kites are lighter than tube kites so that means with a foil kite you can ride before than a tube kite. A good foil kite has to stay on the water when you crash it. The only disadvantage is the relaunch is more difficult. And they are more expensive. These kites are normally used by foilers when they do races with hydrofoils and they want speed.


Airush Razor / Airush Wave / Airush Union / Airush Ultra

Buy Kitesurf kites in Alex Pastor Kite Club. Big range of Airush kitesurfing kites and kite bars to choose from, that suits all kiteboarding styles and levels.

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