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About Alex Pastor

Alex Pastor just became 2013 World Champion, being the first spanish rider to ever achieve this title. Apart from the Championship in 2013, Alex also has three Runner up titles from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Despite only being 24 years old, Alex is already an icon on the sport. He is known for introducing wakeboarding boots in competition, specially at the PKRA World Tour, being the first person to ever win an international event and a PKRA using them. His style is defined by his long grabs, technique and pursuit of perfection on his tricks.

Alex was born in Malaga, Spain and originally started windsurfing with his brother and dad. Living close to Tarifa, the Spanish kiteboarding mecca, Alex visited frequently and happened to find a kiteboard in the middle of the ocean. That summer of 2003 he learned how to kiteboard after a few lessons inspiring him to buy some equipment. He came back the next summer and started to kite every day. He obtained sponsorship quickly after he competed in a local event and won, surprising everyone, including himself. Alex wanted to spend more time on the water and decided not to return to Malaga, instead spending the winter training in Tarifa. He is one of the most laid back riders of the tour, and although he is quiet on the beach, his riding speaks for himself on the water.