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Did you know that Alex Pastor Kite Club is the Airush destination store? It's the most prestigious Airush retailer recognition, that only 3 kite shops in the world have it. We are proud to bring you the best kitesurfing kites & kiteboards, in the market today, from Airush Kiteboarding. Also time-tested wetsuits and kite waist harnesses from ProLimitRide Engine. Great range of Apparel. Our online kite shop also stocks a range ofAccessories for kiteboarding & AirushSpare parts. We also have a lot of Second Hand kitesurfing gear and a massive sales & clearance section with discount kite equipment. Free shipping available. Buy with confidence with our APKC guarantee!

Kiteboarding with boots - All you need to know about kite boots guide 2018 - Alex Pastor Kite Club

Kiteboarding With Boots - All You Need To Know Guide

If you want to transition from straps to more unhooked/wakestyle oriented riding, then putting kite boots on your kiteboard would be the obvious progression. 

When I’m ready to kite with boots?

Advantages and disadvantages of boots/ straps. 

How to put boots on.

Tips on kitesurfing with boots.

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Alex Pastor Kite Club - Kitesurf Buying Guides - How to choose your first kitesurfing kite?

Common questions when choosing your first kitesurfing kite

How to choose your first kitesurfing kite?

Just finished your kite lessons and what now?

Alex Pastor Kite Club team is going to help you through the first steps when choosing your kite. We have gathered a lot of knowledge during the years working with Airush Kiteboarding and would like to share it with our readers.

So these are the most common questions that we get, about choosing kites:

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Alex Pastor Kite Club - Kitesurf Buying Guides - How to choose your twintip kiteboard

5 Things to help you choose your twintip kiteboard

Buying a new kiteboard?

Don't know how to choose the right one for you? Which size do you need? What is rocker? What channels can do for you?

These 5 tips will help you to choose your next twintip kiteboard


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