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Airush Lift V3

€1,399.00 EUR

Airush Lift v3

Performance freeride & Big Air machine.

Explosive power, smooth kiteloops, massive lift & hangtime.
Stable airframe for high wind control.

The Lift is all about boosting and looping. Incredible top-end performance, while still remaining fun to
use even at your limits, enabling you to take your riding to new heights. Designed for the rider looking for
exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the wildest conditions. Ease of use, paired with an
unbelievable wind range, makes the Lift the ultimate Big Air machine.

Unhooked: 25%
Hooked: 100%
Wave: 25%
Foil: 75%
Progression: 50%


All new design, developed with our Big Air team.

Loops intuitively with huge boost.
Five struts for stability in extreme conditions.
New and improved bridle for enhanced steering response and stability.


7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m



Gradient Subframe

Direct Drive Bridle


Reduced sweep creates a more direct
response and increases stability in
high winds.



Fuller wingtips increase area in
the wingtips increasing the pivotal
turning and the speed of turning.

The 5 strut design has been
enhanced through optimization of the
struts positions and angle of angle
of attack to support the wingtip area
when under extreme turning.


“As big air riding continues to evolve, athletes need a kite that jumps
higher than ever before, with more control and stability than ever,
while still turns on a dime. This is what new Lift delivers. Designer Mark
Pattison took 25 years of design experience and worked with head
Lift tester Jason Van Der Spuy and the Big Air team, to create a new
generation Big Air kite that delivers for the next generation of rider. At
the same time the Lift V3 has become easier to use, opening Big Air to
the everyday recreational rider.”
Design Director - Clinton Filen

“The Lift v3 is a kite that suits those who are at their beginning stage
of big air to those who are currently pushing the highest level of big
air. It has huge amounts of hang time and boosting ability. It loops and
catches extremely fast and it is very stable in strong wind. The direct
steering allows you to have full control and whereabouts of the kite
throughout the whole duration of a loop. The Lift v3's capability is on
par with the current standard of big air.“
Team Rider - Jason Van Der Spuy