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2023 Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 Black Magic Harness

€381.00 EUR €449.00 EUR

Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 2023 Trapeze

The founder of the hardshell harnesses: Ride Engine Elite Carbon

'Get the original, get the best!', that's what Ride Engine says when it comes to the Elite Carbon hardshell harness. The new Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 2023 harness has been updated with a new, awesome design and is finally back in stock.

The Ride Engine Carbon Elite V8 is well known for its super stiff 12K carbon shell. This makes Ride Engine's Elite Carbon one of, if not the, stiffest harness on the market. As a result, the Elite Carbon gives you unmatched support. So you can kite longer, harder and with more power than ever. The unique Lumbar Lock fit is based on more than 100 different fits of men and women. This makes the Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 almost feel like a custom harness. If you have a slightly more hollow back, this harness will suit you perfectly. The inside of the Elite Carbon has a soft Fusion Memory Foam that adapts to your body and thus improves the fit. The Fusion Memory Foam is lined with a thin layer of neoprene so that you will not easily get a rash when you use the Ride Engine Elite Carbon without a wetsuit. A front leash attachment point has been made at the front of the Ride Engine Elite Carbon v8 for safe use of your safety leash.

The Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 has the unique Unity spreader bar mounting system. This minimalist system uses a single plastic strap held in place by a clip. Because you do not use webbing straps to tighten the harness, it will not loosen during your session and you can fasten the harness super tight with one movement! Ride Engine's Elite Carbon V8 comes standard without a spreader bar. These can be ordered separately.

In short, are you looking for a hardshell harness from the inventor of the hardshell harnesses and do you want the stiffest carbon harness available? Then the Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 is definitely a harness for you!

Specifications Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 2023 Trapeze

  • 12K Carbon hardshell harness
  • Custom Lumbar Lock Fit Feel
  • Fusion memory foam interior
  • Neoprene lining
  • Unity spreader bar attachment
  • Front leash attachment
  • Excluding spreader bar

Harness Size Indicator Ride Engine

Size Waist Size Spreaderbar Size
XS 61 - 63.5 8"
XS 66 - 68.6 8"
S 71.1 - 73.7 10
S 76.2 - 78.7 12
M 81.3 - 83.8 10
M 86.4 - 88.9 12
L 91.4 - 94 10
L 96.5 - 99.1 12
XL 102 - 104 10
XL 107 - 112 12