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AK Ether Harness

€199.00 EUR

Tuck-In Spreader Bar V2 - 22cm Blue INCLUDED

Minimalist & lightweight waist harness.
Ultimate lumbar support.
3D Shaped load plate.

The AK Ether Harness is AK’s lightweight, compact harness that prioritizes comfort and durability.

By removing all unnecessary padding, seams and reinforcement, we have created an ultralight harness ideal for riders who travel and have an affinity for minimalism. Making use of a 3D ergonomically shaped load plate combined with our Fly-Line load distribution technology, we have been able to build a harness that offers the ultimate back support while being incredibly thin and light.

The AK Ether Harness is designed to work with all AK spreader bar systems allowing the harness to be used by all riders no matter the discipline.