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AK Traction Team Black - Rear

€45.00 EUR

Rear AK Traction Team Surf Pad

  • 4mm Multi-textured competition traction.
  • 6mm Arch bar support.
  • Added contour for extra grip and control.

Front & rear sold separately.

The 4mm Team rear traction features a 6mm Quad Lock arch bar, and 4mm Quad Lock and Cord combination side pads.

The 4mm Team front traction is great for strapped in kiting and prone foiling, with a 6mm arch bar providing a reference point for your front foot.

Rear Traction:  3 Piece  |  320 x 300mm  |  6mm arch bar  |  Quad Lock & Corduroy
Front Traction:  3 Piece  |  385 x 300mm  |  6mm arch bar  |  Quad Lock & Corduroy