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Ride Engine Roam V1

€225.00 EUR

Core minimalist or the world travels looking to save space, Ride Engine now brings you the Roam harness.

Traveling with gear these days can be hard between the puzzle to fit boards, kites, sails, foils, etc., and the nightmare that is an overweight bag. Thoughtfully designed to be pliable to fit in the smallest available space, the Roam is extremely lightweight without sacrificing support or performance. We've kept the DNA of the Lumbar Lock technology via the Cradle Support System. Using this unique webbing tension system we increased rigidity across the entire back of the harness to create uniform support that is free of pressure points or hot spots. Made with non-water-absorbent Cell Lock foam, it not only keeps the harness light in use but also dries fast for immediate packing. Equipped with the Unity Webbing Connection system that allows for a one-time set it and forget it adjustment.

*Spreader bar sold separately.


Size Waist Size Spreaderbar Size
XS 61 - 63.5 8"
XS 66 - 68.6 8"
S 71.1 - 73.7 10
S 76.2 - 78.7 12
M 81.3 - 83.8 10
M 86.4 - 88.9 12
L 91.4 - 94 10
L 96.5 - 99.1 12
XL 102 - 104 10
XL 107 - 112 12