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Kite Boots, Kitesurf Buying Guide -

Probably many of you already seen that kitesurfing with boots is getting more and more popular amongst kiters. As we are closely involved with Airush kite boot development and we’ve been riding kiteboarding bindings for a few years already, we thought we could give you some useful advice. Alex was one of the first riders that introduced wakeboarding boots in PKRA world tour being the first person to ever win an international and World Tour event using boots and infected the kiteboarding world and especially freestyle riders with this crazy idea when most pro riders were riding straps. If you...

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Kite, Kitesurf Buying Guide -

How to choose your first kitesurfing kite? Just finished your kite lessons and what now? Alex Pastor Kite Club team is going to help you through the first steps when choosing your kite. We have gathered a lot of knowledge during the years working with Airush Kiteboarding and would like to share it with our readers. So these are the most common questions that we get, about choosing kites: Rent or buy kite equipment? Renting kitesurf equipment can be a good way to start your kitesurfing career, and can have benefits like: You can test different kitesurf gear, different brands and choose...

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Kiteboard, Kitesurf Buying Guide -

Buying a new kiteboard?

Don't know how to choose the right one for you? Which size do you need? What is rocker? What channels can do for you?

These 5 tips will help you to choose your next twintip kiteboard


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