Check our best Christmas present ideas for passionate kiteboarders, we created this collection to show you our best selling kitesurfing products or accessories to help you decide your Christmas gifts. 

I thought to give you my top 6 ideas

1. Wetsuit care:

We have gifts in all price groups, starting with one of our top selling products, the Wetsuit Care. This product will make your wetsuit smell incredibly nice and it will also feel like it's brand new, as it makes your wetsuit feel softer, more flexible and comfortable, highly recommended!

2. Kitesurf or Surf Spot Map:

Looks amazing, and it's perfect now in times that we can't travel so much, to remind us all the good kite spots we have around the world. This map also gives you information like usual wind conditions, levels, season... on every kite spot. Maybe it's a good gift to start choosing our destination for our next holidays! We also have it available as a microfiber towel.

3. Mizu v8 Lion bottle:

This water bottle will keep your liquids cold for about 24 hours, no matter if it's the middle of summer and you leave the bottle in your car whilst you're kitesurfing! Also think about all the money you will save in plastic bottles and the favor you're doing to the environment by not using plastic bottles. When you're in Tarifa you can refill it for free with cold filtered water in our shop!

4. Ride Engine Backpack

If you like a good backpack, this is the best one you can get. Aside of it looking extremely good, it fits everything you need and it's super practical. It has just the perfect amount of pockets, it's really durable like their amazing harnesses, and has every detail like a little velcro safe to protect your computer in case you forget to close the zipper. I've had a few backpacks and this is my favorite for sure!

5. Ride Engine harness

Simply the best harness on the market, this is a must have if you like to kite for a few hours and you want to take care of your back. And you have never seen them at this price before, 2020 Ride Engine harnesses from 199€! Now it's the time

6. Freewing Air

If you have the budget, why not adventure into the newest sport? Everyday more and more people are getting addicted to wingfoiling, and the Airush/ Starboard wing has been recently voted as the best "getting started wing" from SupBoarder magazine.